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Many organisations have the elements of a great workplace, but they often fail to bring them together with the right technology to create the best possible employee experience.

A digital workplace can be recognised by the existence of an integrated vision for people, place and technology that supports digital transformation and new ways of working, including workplace strategies like Activity Based Working (ABW).

A fit for purpose digital workplace can support a variety of workstyles, enable progressive management and leadership practices, and facilitate responsiveness to change.

The impact of Covid-19 also makes the integration of the physical and digital experience more critical than ever. Writing about the future of workplace strategy, Neil Usher, author of 'The Elemental Workplace', recently said:

Workplace strategy isn't about trying to make all that happen in physical space. The social workplace is the effective mesh of the two – digital and physical. Two interrelated spaces, with differing behaviours. Even when we return to our physical spaces, the digital workplace will be a major feature of our working lives. In future, workplace strategy can't just do half of the job. It has to understand both, or its irrelevance will be assured.

Where are the leading examples of digital workplaces?

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