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How We Work
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With Territory:

The Ask

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), operates in 33 markets globally, throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

The impact of COVID-19 on the role of ANZ workplaces has moved to the forefront of strategic imperatives for the organization. There are key shifts in people's behaviors and preferences regarding how and where they work. ANZ recognized that the future of work depends on the ability of organizations to connect with their employees in meaningful ways and that workplaces remain critical in supporting strong connections to the company, culture, and customers.

To meet the challenge of this C-suite-led priority, Territory worked with ANZ to strategize and co-create a vision of success, desired outcomes, and visualized communications that address key concerns and questions among varying employee audiences.

The Solution

Territory partnered with James Dellow, a subject matter expert from the Digital Workplace Company, and collaborated with ANZ to strategize and co-create a visualization that creatively portrayed ANZ's future of work story. Together, we designed a clear and compelling communication that is both simple to understand and relatable. It illustrates new work choices balanced with necessary organizational guardrails. The messaging framework helps employees understand where and how they'll work once COVID-19-related workplace restrictions are lifted.

To accomplish this, Territory employed a phased, iterative design approach. After a series of discovery workshops, Territory progressively crafted the deliverable, refining the scenarios and copy at each review cycle. The final output helps employees across a wide range of role-types—frontline, head office, on-the-road— to understand how and where they fit into the organizational vision based on the type of work they do.

The final output

ANZ's commitment to leading and supporting its people through today's evolving work environments is clear. The visualizations have been well received by ANZ's people and have been repeatedly drawn upon to communicate their organizational evolution with employees.

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